Urban Kids: Eli and Jack

Okay, I’m going to admit it: These little cuties are my own.

For some time I’ve been suggesting to family clients that we could try a photo session in an urban setting. Especially with older kids, who have such style and personality of their own, the urban colors and textures could really make their images pop. Well, no one took me up on it, so I recently did a mini urban session with my own boys.

Boyscollage1I have to say, I love the way the images turned out — it’s a very “magazine” look that is so different from what you might get with a session at, say, a park. It’s not for everyone, but definitely something for my more adventurous clients to keep in mind.

boyscollage3Key here is clothing. My boys wore clothes they already had at home — their “Indiana Jones” jackets from two Halloweens ago, grass-stained jeans and rumpled cowboy shirts. But anything relaxed and layered with bright colors and good texture would work.

boyscollage2My younger son is the fashionista (what’s the male version of that — fashionister?) of the family. He loves his accessories. It was hard to get him to take the straw fedora off for a few shots.

My husband wants a canvas of that last one for our home, and I might have to oblige him. It’s completely our sassy, stylish, gritty little boy.