Newborn Session: Wyatt

Get a look at that head, will you? Sweet little baby Wyatt had the most perfectly round, bald baby head I’ve seen in a long while. I couldn’t resist rubbing the top of it a few times. I think it was good luck.

He was just a doll through the entire session and his mom and I had fun chatting about nursing, baby poop, little boys, and all kinds of mom stuff.

This was our mutual favorite from the session:

This adorable antique baby scale is a new addition to my studio, and as soon as Wyatt’s mama arrived she said, “Oh, we have to get some photos of him on there!” Once he was sound asleep we just put set him on it, curled up chubby legs and beautiful round head and all, and it was perfect. She was actually jumping for joy she was so excited — but quietly, so as not to wake the baby. I think this photo would be perfect for baby announcements, or even as a sweet print for the nursery.

I loved this exhausted pic from the end of our session. He was like, “Haven’t I done enough for you people? Did you see that baby scale picture?”

Thank you so much, Wyatt and mama, for coming to visit me. It was so nice to meet you!