Oliver // Wilmington, NC senior photographer

My first senior session in my new community of Wilmington, NC is for a guy whose step-mom I’ve known since I was a three-year-old in North Dakota. It’s funny how the world works.

Oliver is so wry and energetic and such a great conversationalist. We laughed a lot. Like most senior guys, he wasn’t that excited about a photo session, but by the time we were done, eating Dairy Queen in my car on the way home from the beach, I think he probably felt it wasn’t that bad.

My skateboarding husband calls my senior guy clients “dudes,” and sometimes it’s hard to shake that term when I’m talking about them. What I like about it, though, is it lends a certain chillness to the senior photo process for guys, and that’s something I pride myself in.


Have actual fun.

Make it quick and painless.

Be — and show the world — yourself. As his mom said, “You just absolutely GOT him, Christina! I cannot imagine anyone else capturing his personality the way you did.”

So here’s my dude Oliver.