Video: A little love for your big kids and teens

Friends, can we get real for a minute about tweens and teens? It breaks my heart that so many people skip over family photos during these years because their kids are moody. And awkward. And unreachable.

The truth is that every stage of family life is beautiful and fleeting, and deserving of being honored and remembered. Even these tough years. Especially these tough years.

You can throw every excuse at me about YOUR big kids, but I guarantee that in half an hour with me and my camera, you will come away with images that will, as one mom told me yesterday, make you ugly cry.

Make you see your life and your family in all of its awkward and loving and dazzling beauty.

Make you realize that everything you’re going through now is worth it.

My fall mini session calendar opens RIGHT HERE today. We can make a lot of magic in 30 minutes.

In the meantime, tell me your favorite thing about your tween or teen, so we can all send a little love your way.