Senior Session: Dakota

So Dakota was not looking forward to having his senior photos taken. Not at all, really. This is completely understandable; a lot of people aren’t really in to having their pictures taken. But I take special pride in making sure every senior I work with has a cool and memorable and completely comfortable experience. And I wasn’t going to let Dakota get by with any less.

He has an awesomely dry sense of humor. I think I laughed more than in almost any other session.

Most of the photos were pretty serious, but we were having fun. Really.

I cannot tell you how much I loved these shoes. They got their own photo… maybe it’ll go in his mini album.

By the time we neared the end of the session and I asked him if there were any other photos he wanted to get, he spontaneously did this:

And then I got a high five, which pretty much made my day.

Thanks, Dakota, for bringing your own sense of humor and style to our session and making it so much fun. Have a great senior year at River Valley.