One-year Session: Heidi

This little munchkin is Heidi. I took her newborn photos a year ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and it was so incredibly fun to see her again. She’s changed so much from this:


Her mom brought her tutu, which just thrilled me. I’m expecting a baby girl in a couple months and I’m totally going to get her a tutu — or maybe a few — just for hanging out around the house.

She’s not walking quite yet, but that girl is a power crawler. She was constantly on the move.

I love these two:

I brought her a birthday cupcake, which she seemed to be in no kind of mood for. I love this series: At the beginning, she’s like, “Get that away from me! Can’t you see I’m wearing a tutu?” and then when her mom gives her a tastes she’s thinking, “Huh. This isn’t so bad. Why didn’t you say this is what it would taste like?” And by the end she’s just devouring it.

collageThankfully her mom didn’t mind that I only brought chocolate…

A quick change of clothes and she was ready to do some more exploring.

Thanks so much for coming back to have your birthday photos taken, sweet Heidi! I can’t wait to see you again soon…