Pleased to meet you, Rowan Mae

Can I tell you how lucky I am? Not only do I get to meet and tickle and cuddle with (and take photos of) gorgeous babies, but sometimes I get to do it for so me of my oldest friends.

I’ve know Christina since we were in first grade, and she was Christina C. and I was Christina O. Times have changed, a little: She’s now Christina F. and I’m Christina B. (though unlike our elementary school teachers, we don’t feel the need to affix last initials when talking to each other).

But we both have the same dry sense of humor and a love for campy musical theatre and other vices which I won’t name here. We, along with some of my other friends from my North Dakota days, still have good times. And I feel blessed to still have her in my life, and to get to know and photograph her two beautiful daughters — who look so much like the Christina C. I knew back in the day that it’s a little uncanny.

We took all these in Christina’s living room while I was visiting North Dakota over the holidays. A shout-out to Christina’s husband, Travis, for keeping Rowan so very happy during the whole session. This is a girl who loves her daddy.

Thanks, Christina, for letting me spend time with your beautiful little girl.