I Do: Lorelei and Eric

Lorelei and Eric had a beautiful winter wedding at Monona Terrace in Madison. The landmark Frank Lloyd Wright building is their favorite spot in the city, and they knew from the moment of their engagement that they wanted to have their wedding ceremony and reception there. No complaints here.

It was a little brisk, especially outside right by the lake, but stunning in the way winter in Wisconsin can manage to be — a clear, deep-blue sky, frosted tree branches, and lightning-bolt cracks in the frozen lake. Besides, they had their love to keep them warm.

I normally don’t put posed bridal party shots on the blog, but the lights and holiday decorations in the hallway leading up to the Grand Terrace were just fabulous.

Lorelei looked so beautiful and was such an original, from her chic-woodland hairpiece to her champagne dress to her grandmother’s shawl. I love when brides take risks and really make it work.

Getting these rooftop photos at the end of the night was by far both the coldest and most memorable moment of the day for me. Obviously colder for the girl in the strapless gown.

Thank you so much, Lorelei and Eric, for inviting me to be part of your sweet and beautiful day.