Your people // Baraboo wedding photographer

I always try to get a few portraits of grandparents at weddings, because they look beautiful, and they’re so darn happy to be there, and if you are the lucky soul who gets to have your grandparents at your wedding, you don’t ever want to forget how lucky you were.

I know you put a lot of work into them, but I honestly don’t care that much about your decorations. I care about your people.

In ten years you wouldn’t trade these kinds of photos for a thousand images of your chalkboard signs and mason jars. You just will not give a shit about your venue or your trendy decorations. As a long-married person, I can promise you that. You will want to remember how it took ten shots before your grandfather could tear his eyes away from your grandmother, because he was still so full of love for her after all those years.

Your wedding photos should help you share the stories that matter to you. Your aesthetic choices will change and fade away, like they do in every other area of our lives, and you will want your photos to transport you back to the emotion of that day. That’s what you’ll tell your children and grandchildren about. This is what I want to help you show them.