Slow down, you’re rocking the boat // Baraboo children’s photographer

In the time it took for me to make my coffee in the kitchen, she had done this.

When I saw it, I said her name in a way that must have registered alarm.

If she were my first rodeo, so to speak, I would have cleaned up this milk-and-soggy-Cheerio-puddle post haste.
But she and I have both been sick. We’ve both been running fevers. We’ve both been fussier than our usual selves. And from an objective standpoint, here she was: Eating. Smiling.

Holding her spoon, but electing not to use it. Because she’s an independent lady like that.

Sometimes rocking the boat isn’t what causes the mess.

Sometimes slowing down is what helps you get to your destination, safe and happy and with a full little belly.