Senior Shoot: Kristen

I knew Kristen was going to be a blast to work with because from the moment she decided she wanted me to be her senior photographer, she said she had a vision. It involved a one-of-a-kind, fabulous green dress, a field of long grass and flowers, and her, of course, in a completely unique senior photo.

I love it when my clients want to be creative with me, because awesome things come from collaboration — and it’s so much more fun for both of us.

Kristen, who’s a member of the Baraboo High School Class of 2010, is a dancer and thinking about studying fashion in college, so she had great style and poise.


Oh, and gorgeous green eyes to match that dress…

I saw this train parked earlier in the day and asked her if she’d be interested in getting some photos by it. Not only was she, but she hoisted herself up on the ladder on the side to get this amazing shot. Probably not legal, we decided, but very cool.

We also got some laid-back and urban shots downtown.

But when I was looking through her photos, I kept coming back to the ones in the field. Because as much as I love coming up with creative locations for senior photos, what I love even more is when a senior has that clear vision for what they want — and I get to make it come true.

Thanks so much for choosing me to work with, Kristen. I hope you have a wonderful senior year.