Senior Session: Sarah

Sarah will be a senior at Reedsburg Area High School this year and she was so super, amazingly excited about having her senior pictures taken. Like, on the verge of being uncontrollably excited. Which is so much fun for me.

We had so many good photos it was really hard to choose a sampling for the blog. For this one I forced her to be very uncomfortable, I’m afraid — she was laying on a kind of balcony that just had rusty metal slats as its floor. But it looked so cool, and she was game for it…

Isn’t she gorgeous?

I love the colors in this shot:

We were at this last location for about four minutes before a squad car showed up. I think the officer thought we were delinquents from a distance. Then he got a closer look, saw that we were just scoping out a sweet senior photo location, and moved along. Success.

Sarah, thanks for bringing so much energy and your fabulous attitude to our shoot. It was so much fun. Have a great senior year.