Senior Session: Cassie


Cassie is a senior at Baraboo High School who’s been dancing since she was four. Traditionally, senior photos of dancers would be in a studio, with the toe shoes placed strategically next to the dancer, or the senior holding a serious dancing pose in a non-dancing environment. You know what I’m talking about. But the advantage of being a modern, on-location photographer is I get to go to where the action is, where the story of the senior is really told. Here’s Cassie leaping in the Just For Kicks studio downtown, where she also teaches dance. Love it.

She’s a natural smiler, but we got a few lovely serious shots as well. Cassie said she’s known at school for her big, sassy earrings.

It was raining throughout most of Cassie’s senior session, but she had such an awesome attitude that we just made it work. I love how in this shot the sun is shining through the rain, so it lights up the flowers and you can actually see the raindrops in the air.


Thanks, Cassie, for being such a great sport and for bringing so much style to our session. Have a fabulous senior year!