Rooftop shooting after dark? Yes, please!

My senior photo session with Karli from Baraboo High School was flat-out amazing. First we went to the International Crane Foundation outside of Baraboo and hiked its grassy trails, searching for secret spots her mom, who works there, knew.

Then we headed to Pewit’s Nest, a 40-foot-deep natural gorge that’s Karli’s favorite spot on earth. She chose well. She’s a fearless climber and several times the mom in me came out and I was like, “Hon, can you move away from that ledge a little?”

I enlisted a five-year-old to be my splashing assistant for this shot.

And finally to the rooftop of the historic Al. Ringling Theater downtown Baraboo. I’ve taken lots of photos at the Al. before, but never up there, and after dark. It was phenomenal and I wanted to kiss my 50mm after getting these shots.

Karli, you rocked. I had so much fun and you up for absolutely everything. Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your photos. Have a fantastic summer before your senior year!