Newborn session: Dawson

Dawson’s mom warned me that she expected him to be completely non-compliant during our photo session. I think he shocked her when, after a bite to eat and a look around, he settled down for a very deep nap. So sweet.

blog7-8Dawson’s birth was traumatic and a very scary experience for the whole family. When his mom told me her birth story, it actually brought tears to my eyes. But to see such a perfect little boy just a few weeks later is a reminder of how miraculous babies really are, and how lucky we are as parents are when things turn out as beautifully as this.


Dawson was born just six days before his cousin Aris, whose photos I took last week. He smiled in his sleep, just like her. If I were these kids’ grandma, I would totally want a photo of each of them making this face. Just saying.
Aris came in at the end of Dawson’s session so we could get a few shots of the two of them together. Remember how I said Aris’ name was derived from the Greek god of chaos? Well, when I settled her in next to her sleeping cousin, that’s when the chaos began. Probably a coincidence. I usually don’t do this, but I had to post some outtakes:

blog2After spending a few minutes trying to eat, lick and punch each other, they settled down for this:

And now that your head exploded from that overdose of cuteness, I’ll close.

Lovely to spend time with you, Mister Dawson. You have a head of hair many a grown man would envy.