Lindsay & Robb: I Do


Lindsay and Robb had an awesomely fun Fourth of July wedding at Robb’s parents’ farm outside Madison. At the end of the day, one of Lindsay’s relatives said, “We don’t have weddings like this in Texas,” and asked Lindsay if all Wisconsin weddings are like hers. “This is an especially good one,” I offered.

They were married under three ancient oaks and an archway made of branches in front of the farmhouse. From the beginning, it was very emotional.


It was a very family-centered ceremony, with Robb’s only brother and Lindsay’s only sister making up the bridal party, their future brother-in-law serenading them, family and close friends providing the readings and some gorgeous violin music, and another close friend officiating.


They read their own vows, which were so sweet and heartfelt.

The grounds were seeped in family history, and you could almost imagine gatherings from years ago taking place under those same oak trees.

Robb with his parents after he was married.

The refurbished barn was so beautiful with the afternoon light shining through the walls. Robb’s dad made the chandeliers, and Lindsay brought the flowers herself.

The afternoon was like a big Fourth of July picnic, with a pig roast and a corn boil (my first). Robb’s grandparents used to host big corn boils for all the neighbors using the same cauldron.

The corn was delicious, as she could attest.

Lindsay’s parents watching her enjoy herself during dinner. Lindsay’s mom made her wedding dress, and the two of them together made the cake.

I like this photo because it captures the mood of the rest of the day — relaxed, happy, celebratory.

Their wedding was so rich in details that I couldn’t resist making a storyboard of just detail shots. Storyboards include 16 square images and are a clean, fresh and modern way to tell the story of a wedding day. They’re printed 20×20 inches on mounted photo paper or canvas and are a fun way to display an assortment of wedding images without all of those frames. (By the way, this was the first wedding where I got to photograph a goat.)

Thanks so much, Lindsay and Robb, for the great Fourth of July, the fantastic corn, and the beautiful day. It was a pleasure to work with you both.