Kids session: Luke and George

I got to photograph these beautiful blonde boys at their home in Baraboo. Their yard was a dream — stone wall, wrought iron archway, magnolia tree in full bloom. When one of the mom’s friends saw these photos she said they should rent out their lawn for family pictures, and she might be on to something.

They reminded me a bit of my own boys. Seeing brothers interact with one another always warms my heart — whether one is resting on the other’s lap, or one is sneaking a lick of the other’s lollipop and thus inciting a tantrum. It’s all sweetness, at least when they’re not my kids.

Their mom is expecting a third boy in May and I’m so excited to take his newborn photos. They were very sweet about their littlest brother and wanted to make sure he got in some of these pictures, too. One of the boys recommended I “chop off” the rest of his mom for the picture so it was only the brothers, so he inspired the first black and white image of just the boys and the belly.

When it was all over they got lollipop rewards, which they earned with sheer cuteness alone. Thanks so much, Luke and George! I’m excited to see you again soon with your new baby brother.