Introducing Love Story Sessions!

"Vintage couples photography"

These relaxed, intimate sessions are a way to tell the story of your relationship in real, documentary style. We’ll pick a theme, scene or outing that has real significance to you as a couple, and then let the magic unfold. No awkward posing. I’ll never make you kiss (though you’ll probably want to, like, a lot).

Baraboo photographer, Madison photographer, Devil's Lake photos

These sessions are not just for the newly engaged. These are for the married couple with three kids who wants a night away from it all, to focus on each other and be reminded of why they fell madly, deeply in love with this person they’ve devoted their life to.

They are for the couple who has been together for years and never had professional photos taken, because they don’t have time… because one of you (I’m looking at you, husband) thinks it would be horribly boring and unbearably awkward.

Baraboo photographer, Madison photographer, Devil's Lake photos

This session will reignite how you feel about one another, and it will be a beautiful thing. Being in a relationship can be a lot of work; this is a time to remind you that it can also be fun, and sexy, and funny, and sweet.

Furthermore, you’ll have photos that document your love and let it shine through in all its unique glory. Because you’re the only two-of-you there is.

Baraboo photographer, Madison photographer, Devil's Lake photos

This is Laura and Cully. They’ve never had professional photos taken as a couple and wanted to showcase what they love about themselves as a couple and each other: Time spent in nature, riding bicycles, vintage styling, lots of cuddling and kissing and sweet-nothings, picnics, and making one another happy.

When I talked to Laura beforehand about what she imagined for our session, she said said she wanted photos that looked like they’d be found in an old album by her children someday, and they could see what it looked like when their parents fell in love.

Don’t you love that?

How will your kids remember their parents’ love story? How are you documenting your love life — right now, as it’s unfolding?

Set this baby at full screen for optimal adorable-ness. You’ll thank me.