Dubs Longboards // Baraboo photographer

There’s something about sawdust that tells you shit is getting done.

Sawdust is the residue of hard work; it’s the evidence of doing things by hand.

And in the Dubs Longboards workshop, it’s everywhere. It’s sedimentary hardwood maple that’s in soft piles the floor, and finely coating the beards of co-owners Cam and Erik, and clinging to the plaid flannels they wear as they work.

Because these dudes are like certifiable lumberjacks. And they’re getting shit done.

My husband and I are good friends with Cam and Erik, and I’ve been wanting to tell their story for some time now.

They are self-taught longboard craftsmen, and they do every step of the board construction themselves – from designing their own molds, to hand-making the unique striated wood-grain veneer on the bottom of the board, to burning the Dubs name into the finished product.

It’s their business, but they’re not making boards so they can be in business – they’re making boards because they have to.

Because they live for the almost indescribable freedom of bombing a hill on a board they made with their own hands, and they want to share that feeling of freedom with others.

So they put in the work every day, literally building their dream, and then they bomb some hills with their dogs, because that’s just a rad thing to do.

They’re an inspiration all around, and I’m so glad to get to share their story with you.