Calling all Twenty-Twelves!


A senior rep is someone that is a spokesmodel for Christina Beam Photography. Basically, you get a fantastic senior photo experience for free, and all I ask is that you tell all your friends and classmates all about it.


We know you’ll love your senior photos, but there’s only so many “print credits” you can use, right? That’s why this year I’m switching to a cash for referrals program for my senior reps. Here’s how it works:

* Senior reps must apply and be accepted in order to represent Christina Beam Photography. I accept only two reps from each high school.

* The application deadline is June 1, 2011.

* Senior reps will get a FREE photo session valued at $150.

* If you refer another senior who books and completes their session with Christina Beam Photography, you get $50 CASH. You can use it toward your senior photos if you want, or on iTunes (which is how I’d spend it), the mall, your college fund, whatever. It’s cash. For two senior referrals you get $100, three seniors is $150, you get the picture, up to a maximum of $500.

* Senior reps who complete five or more referrals will receive a DVD with high-resolution copies of their 5 favorite images. This is huge.

* Senior Reps and a parent or guardian must sign a senior rep contract with full model release for advertising purposes.

Does this sound good to you? Then fill out the application page RIGHT HERE.

What if you’re a Christina Beam senior and you refer someone who completes a session, but you’re not a rep? I so appreciate you spreading the good word, so I’m happy to add $25 to your wallet. Even if you’re from the Class of 2010 or 2011, because awesomeness doesn’t expire.