30 Little toes

This weekend I got to photograph three adorable, photogenic and only slightly wriggly brothers, Austin, Joey and Will.

Will just joined the family a few months ago and his mom was hoping to get two key photos: One of his older brothers kissing his head, and one of all three of their bare feet. Though I had the nerve to show up when Will was feeling a little fussy, we took our time and I was so happy with how some of these very sweet shots turned out.

This is my favorite of the toe shots, though in their gallery they’ll have a lot to choose from…

Our first attempt at the kiss shot. That expression is priceless. His is not having it.

While Will was having a snack, I took some photos of his older brothers. They clearly share a really close bond, much like my sons, who are almost the exact same age. They were so fun to work with.

I love this picture, and the connection between the three of them.

Thanks so much for the great afternoon with your family… and congratulations on another beautiful boy!