Life in slow motion // Baraboo birth photographer

This little boy was a long time coming. His mama struggled, but with the kind of humor and grace that showed she was going to be a great parent.

Finally it was clear he wasn’t coming out on his own, so they had to bring him to her.

That was hard. It always is when things don’t go according to your birth plan. But she joked with the nurses, squeezed her sweet husband’s hand, and got ready to welcome her little boy however he’d appear.

When he finally did, beautiful and peachy and perfect, it was dad who got to step up. “He has my barrel chest already,” he reported to her when he got his first look at their son.

And all during her recovery he stayed with that baby. Swaddling him in his powerful arms. Letting the baby wrap all his tiny fingers around just one of his dad’s. Standing by while he was measured and weighed and pricked, always with a hand on him, always there.

That little boy’s mom didn’t get to see all of that… but she does now. And this story is as much about baby Brian’s first moments in this world as it is about his mom and dad’s first moments as parents.

And they are — all of them — off to a beautiful start.

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