There’s nothing more important to me than my family. Something tells me you feel the same way.

My style is documentary and emotional, and I want to see your family as it really is. Not posed stiffly in white button-down shirts and khakis or on someone else’s furniture, but in your jammies and Batman t-shirts, or playing in your yard or at the beach, or having a tickle fight on your own bed.

Then the beauty of your family relationships will really shine, and together we’ll capture the things you’ll want to remember: The way your 8-year-old instinctively climbs into your lap and holds your hand (but won’t next year), the look your husband still gives you when the two of you pull each other close, the way your toddler holds your face in his hands when he really wants to tell you something important.

These are the raw, deep and original moments that make your family life special. These are the moments you’ll get to relive when you revisit your photos with your children and grandchildren in the years to come.

And because your photos will be some of your most treasured heirlooms, each session with me includes gorgeous, museum-quality prints and albums to help you archive your family’s own beautiful history.

I look forward to meeting your family soon and showing you just how beautiful your life is.