Custom Grad Cards are Here! // Baraboo Senior Photographer

As a photographer I have access to a lot of templates, especially for senior graduation announcements. Some of them are great, sure — but so many are too trendy, too froufy… just too. How many swirls and polka dots do you need, really?

Graduation cards should be all about you: Your style, your personality, your images, your choice. You shouldn’t have to choose among a few options that will look outdated by next fall, and have your photographer just drop your photos into a template. You should be able to design something that fits your images and you.

So I’m excited to announce that year I’m going completely custom. Here’s how it works:

1. You choose your background. I have 48 paper styles to choose from,  from modern to classic, from clean linen textures to cute zig-zags to gritty metal. Or if you prefer, I can match a solid color to your photos.

2. Choose a photo for the front of your card. This will be a single 5×7 image that will take up the entire front of the card. This is an awesome option for sending to friends and family who may not have received a print… and it really showcases your favorite image.

3. Choose your photos for a collage on the back. You can choose between 2 and 8 images and I’ll custom design a small collage for them.

It’s a simple formula that allows limitless combinations and gives us the chance to create something that fits your images and your style.

Even better: Purchase two packs of graduation cards before April 15 and get the third FREE. (Not eligible to combine with other offers or credits.)