Baraboo Senior Photographer // Welcome, Rachel!

I’m so excited to introduce Rachel, the professional make-up artist I’m partnering with for senior photos this year!

Rachel trained at the Aveda Institute in Madison (she’s even taught some make-up classes there) and she is so amazingly talented. From out-of-the-box theatrical make-up, to dressed-up evening looks, to natural make-up that gives you flawless skin and flatters your best features, she can do it all.

Here, Rachel’s going to answer a few questions about what it will be like to be pampered with professional make-up before your senior session, what you can do to prepare, and why, in my opinion, it’s going to be so awesome to work with her. Take it away, Rachel…

1. Why is professional make up application so important when taking professional photos?

A professional make up application is important to highlight the correct features on each individual face as well as to make sure there’s a correct color match for skin tones (unfortunately most common foundations have a pink or orange undertone). On top of these things it is very common for people to overuse make-up. Thinking “more make-up, more coverage” is technically true — for photos, however, less is more.

2. What are the benefits of the kind of make-up you use?

I use mostly mineral make-up due to the fact that it’s created with elements found in nature (which means it’s less irritating to to skin). A great loose mineral powder applied with a concealer brush can hide almost any blemish, hyper-pigmentation, or birthmark (if wanted). Also, a high-definition primer to keep make up in place for hours on end will help control constant touch-ups due to sweating or rain, should either be present on the shoot.

3. What is the difference between professional make up application and regular make up application when taking senior photos?

Regular make-up applications (while great for everyday) are not always playing up the strongest features on the face. Especially when having memorable photos taken, it is very important to put your best face forward. Sometimes people just aren’t sure how to get the look they want, or are afraid of trying, so they just don’t. (Plus, it’s nice to let someone else pamper you for a day.)

4. What is your all time favorite part of a make-up session?

My favorite part of any make-up session is…all of it! I love meeting new people, listening to their ideas, and helping them create the look they’re going for. It’s very rewarding helping a vision come to life. I also give application tips so they can learn how to create the look themselves.

5. What should people bring with them when they show up to their make up session?

The most important things to bring are a positive attitude and an idea. Whether it’s a picture from a magazine or inspiration from a painting, creating a make up look comes from a vision. Don’t be afraid to be original, either. Everyone is one-of-a-kind, and their make-up application should be, too!

6. What’s in your make-up bag? (I guess I should say suitcase).

My make up bag consists of 20+ lbs. of goodies. Everything from foundations and powders to Cirque de Soleil cream paints and blacklight-sensitive pigments. A rainbow of eye shadows and blushes, as well as just as many lip colors make it a difficult talk to figure out what my daily make-up will be!

Can you give senior clients some tips on how to make sure their professional make-up session produces the best possible results?

1. Bring yourself! the best person to explain your personal style is you!

2. Moisturize. Most people overlook moisturizing. Keeping the skin hydrated helps keep it youthful. (Drink lots of water too!)

3. I use towels over the chest area when applying make up to protect clothing from any mishaps. If you feel more comfortable, you may wear everyday clothes during your make up application, just remember if it’s a tight fitting shirt around the neck area, you may rub make-up off during removal.

4. This one sounds kind of gross: Don’t pick at blemishes! It’s easier to cover an unsightly red bump than it is to cover a scab.

5. Don’t over-scrub. If you notice a blemish (or group of blemishes) and you over-scrub your face, you can stimulate oil overproduction causing the breakout to be worse. That compiled with the the stress of thinking you’re going to have a massive breakout before pics will cause it to happen. If you are concerned about a breakout, consider getting a facial 1-2 weeks before.

6. Positive attitude. Smile and the world smiles with you.

7. Sleep. Make sure you’re well rested. I can work some pretty serious magic with make-up — but I’m not a miracle worker.

8. Bring your own! If there’s something you really like in your make up bag (a certain eyeshadow, or lip color you L.O.V.E.) bring it! I would rather have a person bring something that they love, than have to hope I have something similar. I’m always on the lookout for new products too!

9. Feedback. I’m always open to suggestions.

10. Ask away! If there’s anything you want to know about products, application, or anything at all… just ask!