Theresa & Ryan: Will You


Theresa and Ryan came to scenic downtown Baraboo this weekend for their engagement shoot, and they were one of the the cutest couples I’ve ever photographed. Seriously. I may have repeated this fact a few too many times because I think I was making Ryan uncomfortable with the word “cute.” But they were sincerely in love, and the connection between them was just effortless and adorable at all times. Witness the very first shot I took, and what they spontanesouly did for it:


They were so much fun to photograph. I can’t wait for their wedding in August!

Shoes this fabulous deserve a little recognition:



Their ceremony is planned for the Al. Ringling Theatre. Though I’ve been in that gorgeous, historic venue many times, I’ve never photographed a wedding there. I’m sure it will be phenomenal. I was a little disappointed that the marquee wasn’t on for the engagement photos, but it was nice nonetheless.


A few more shots from downtown. In this next one, a passing car laid on the horn for the happy couple. Then they gave the driver a synchronized thumbs up.


Of the many, many kissing photos I took, this one might be my favorite. Isn’t Theresa beautiful?


This one hardly shows her face, but you can tell she’s nestled in her favorite spot in the world.


Congratulations, Theresa and Ryan! I can’t wait to see you in August!