The Luckiest Girl in the Whole Wide World

This season of senior photos is off to a smashing start. My first client for the year was the absolutely lovely Quincy. She’s the kind of girl who is prom queen (literally) but completely unpretentious. Just sweetness and a joy to be around.

Quincy (and I hope she won’t mind me saying this) was a little quiet and unsure at the start of our session. She had chosen to start her session at Baraboo’s Circus World Museum. We got special permission to shoot inside the gates, I brought balloons, we were ready to go. But I could tell she was holding back a little.

Then we saw the elephant.

I said, “Would you like to see if we can take your photo by the elephant?” And she said, quietly, “I think I would.”

There was a sweet older Polish man taking care of this beauty, and he let us feed her and take photos with her for $1. I’d say we got a deal.

From there it was smooth sailing.

Thank you, Quincy, for letting me join you in this little adventure and for your trust in letting me document it. It was such a pleasure to watch you bloom in front of the camera. I know you’re going to have a simply amazing senior year!