Taking flight // Baraboo senior photographer

This session is the perfect example of why I love taking senior photos. Jordan wasn’t really sure about locations for her session, but she told me she loved to travel. Immediately I thought of doing a runway shoot at the airport, and with the generosity of a local aviator I was able to make it happen. When she stood on the wing of that plane, in her sparkling gown at sunset, I could sense how beautiful she felt. She didn’t just look like she was going to take on the world, but that experience made her feel it. It gave me goosebumps. I’ll never do a session like this again, because it’s important to me that each senior get an experience that is his or her own. It’s not just about creating beautiful images, it’s about remembering how it feels to be at this amazing, pivotal point in your life, just as you are about to take flight.