Rochelle and Eric at the Al Ringling Theatre // Baraboo wedding photographer

There were so many beautiful things about this wedding, but what I will remember most is the bride and groom’s “first look.”

When Eric entered the big ornate dressing room in the Al. Ringling Theatre an hour before his wedding to get a first glance at his new bride, his face actually fell. Not because she didn’t look gorgeous; in her lace 1920s-style gown, she was an absolute vision. But because in that moment, some 1,500+ days after they met, he could tell something was amiss.

“What’s wrong?” was the first thing he said to her.

Sure enough, she had left her bouquet at home.

And through her smile he could see it in her eyes. Their connection was that strong.

The bouquet was retrieved, the ceremony went beautifully.

But less than two weeks after their wedding tragedy struck their family. I’ve been thinking about them a lot, and thinking about that moment. There’s some comfort in knowing that the strength of their relationship will sustain them through this time of sorrow, and into many years of happiness ahead.