One-year session: Katie


Katie came in for her one-year photos and I had so much fun with her, her mom and her three-year-old sister. Katie is the youngest of five children and this was her first professional photo session. I can completely relate to that; I’ve noticed a huge decline in milestone-marking with my third child — I can only imagine adding two more kids to that equation!

But it’s never too late to capture the personality and amazing little moments of your children. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, either — maybe your son is missing his two front teeth, or your daughter just starting insisting on dressing herself and her style is outrageously awesome (like Katie’s big sister). Those times are fleeting and you’ll treasure images of them just as much.


Katie is the second baby I’ve recently met who wears cloth diapers. I really wanted to try them with my daughter but my husband said he’d have no part of it. Katie’s mom makes her own diapers and said the routine is really not that bad. I’d be interested to hear from any parents out there going this route… and maybe you can help me convince my husband!

Anyway, Katie stripped down to this bright red diaper and I had a vision for this red and white photo series. Adorable. If you are planning a photo session soon and don’t want to go the completely-naked look, you might want to pick up a cloth diaper cover to put over your disposable diaper. They come in a huge range of colors and can really perk up your photos, and look much cuter than disposables with random cartoon characters. Thirsties is a popular brand:


And of course I had to give the birthday girl a cupcake. She went at it like a pro.

Thank you so much, Katie and family, for making the trip from Reedsburg! It was a joy to meet and work with you.