Newborn session: Nolan


I was so very excited to meet Nolan, this little peanut born to a lovely couple whose wedding I photographed last spring. It doesn’t look it from these images, but he was a bit of a stinker; the session took nearly three hours, and he never slept for more than a few minutes at a time! His mom and I pulled out every trick we had, but each time it seemed like he was fast asleep he’d squirm a little and open those huge blue eyes and we’d start all over again. I think our patience paid off, though, with some beautiful photos from the first few weeks of this new little life.

It’s important to me to get the little details in newborn photo sessions. As a parent I know how quickly children grow. One day you go to put their socks on and realize they no longer have baby toes; they have the toes of a little boy. To be able to go back and see what their tiny little parts looked like when they were new — from eyelashes to toenails in crisp detail — is just priceless.

And here he is waking up again…


Thank you so much, Nolan and family, for making the trip and letting me meet your sweet little man. I can’t wait for his next session to see how much he’s grown.