Newborn session: Lee

Katie and Derek are the kind of people who were meant to be parents. They are kind and funny and smart, and exactly the type of people you’d choose as your own parents, if you could choose.

Baby Lee didn’t get to choose, but lucky boy, someone chose them for him.

They drove all the way down to Baton Rouge to meet their son, knowing they were getting closer by the mile to parenthood. And they drove straight through, 20 hours, back to Wisconsin. They just wanted to get him home.

And here they are, a family.

I met baby Lee at my studio, where I do most of my natural-light newborn sessions.

We got some very sweet images, but really it’s hard not to get a good photo of this boy. Did you get a look at him?

Still, something wasn’t quite right. He just couldn’t get settled.

So we drove to Katie and Derek’s lovely house a few blocks away. They thought it was maybe the car ride that settled him down. I thought it was that he was finally where he wanted to be: Home.

Congratulations, Katie and Derek, on your beautiful son.