Lacy & Jeremy: I Do


Lacy and Jeremy were married Saturday at St. Paul’s church in Baraboo with a huge supporting cast (14 bridesmaids and groomsmen!) there for encouragement beforehand and to have a lot of fun afterward.

For a big wedding, it was extremely well organized and everyone was so relaxed. They even impressed the church lady in charge, which is never easy.

I love this expression!

The ladies’ prep room was a dance room in the church basement. All of the colors and mirrors and cartwheeling silhouettes made it look kind of chaotic, but Lacy and her bridesmaids (including her four sisters) were so mellow.

Upstairs the guys gave Jeremy some encouragement.

The sanctuary was lovely, and the bridesmaids dresses — all red, each a different design — looked stunning all lined up.

Married Pastors Steve and Deb Ohrtman conducted the ceremony and did a beautiful job. I love the idea of one couple ushering another into marriage.

I think I missed whatever was so funny, but I love all their smiling faces in a row…

We found this ivy-covered wall by one of the taverns we stopped at on the way to the reception at the Kalahari Resort. This photo turned out so sweet and relaxed.

I love this image just for her hand. I think this is the most graceful bouquet toss I’ve ever seen. Take note, ladies!

The bride and her new mother-in-law getting down with the Electric Slide. Guests at summer weddings wear such cute and colorful dresses.

The groom’s dad dancing with his own lovely bride.

Congratulations, Lacy and Jeremy, on your marriage and on joining your two wonderfully loving families. Have a fabulous time on your Mediterranean cruise!