Happy start to summer

Part of the excitement of having a daughter has been sharing the things I had/did as a girl. Sure, after just seven months together we haven’t done much of that, but believe me, there’s been plenty of excitement and anticipation about the things we’ll enjoy doing together! and how she’ll look like me! and what I’ll teach her!

So when I found this patchwork sun bonnet that was mine as a baby, I was quite excited indeed to try it on her. Unfortunately, the late 70s and early 80s were not high points in American fashion history, and the bonnet reflects that.

I had a vision of recreating a photo of me compliantly sporting it as a baby, but Juniper was having none of it. Her expressions ranged from, “Woman, what are you doing to me?” to “Talk to the hand,” to “Get it off! Get it off!” to “What’s that? I can eat grass if I wear the bonnet? In that case, you have 30 seconds.”


I’ve determined that she either:

a) Has much quicker reflexes than I did at her age, or

b) Has a much more advanced sense of style.

At any rate, we’ll find plenty of other things to share in the coming years, I’m sure of it. This just won’t be the first.