Chloe // Wilmington, NC senior photographer

Chloe is amazingly smart, has a heart filled with empathy and a passion for service, and is the sweetest person you’ll meet.

And she also loves Beyoncé. Like, loooooves Beyoncé.

When we met to plan her session, she told me how inspired she was by the Formation video, with its gritty and glamorous aesthetic, and its message of standing in pride and strength as a woman.

So when I photographed her, I was sure to capture her sweet side, and her love of dance and swimming.

But I also found a century-old house with a gorgeous, decaying garden, and a sweet muscle car where I asked her, nicely, to channel her inner Beyoncé. As you can see, that was no problem.

I do something different and new for every client, because we’re all multidimensional and there is a power and beauty in letting that show. I’m so happy Chloe let that show for me.