Baby Session: Gage


I’ve been on a bit of a Wonewoc run lately, with plenty of lovely clients making the trip to have their family and baby photos taken. They all know each other, so I told one of them next time I’ll have to come to them!

Anyway, this is Gage, one of my baby models from my recent Great Baby Session Giveaway. He’s pleased to meet you, I’m sure.

He was at that smiley, chubby, roly-poly age that is so much fun. Just a few days after his session he started sitting up, but since he wasn’t quite there yet, we had to get a little creative. I love the colors in these shots.

Another cloth diaper baby! His mom’s best friend runs a cloth diaper shop in Middleton, so she was an undisputed expert in them. Here he’s sporting the “G” brand — but it could be “g” for Gage, which I thought was cute.

Look at those baby blues!

Thank you, Gage and family, for paying me a visit! I hope I get to photograph you again soon and see all your new tricks and how you’ve grown.