Holy smokes have I gotten behind on blogging. I apologize! I know even though hardly anyone ever comments — which I’ll admit, makes me a little sad — that there are lots of kind readers out there. I hear from them all the time, especially when I haven’t been updating to their satisfaction. So anyway. If you ever need a little CBP fix, please visit the Christina Beam Photography Facebook Page. It’s where I post photos from my most recent sessions, offer special discounts and interact with “fans” (kind of embarrassed to use that word, but hey, that’s the lingo).


Perhaps you remember this photo. For today’s purposes, we’ll call it The Before:

You guessed it, there’s an After. Baby Will was born last week and I had the lovely chance to try to recreate that image, with him where his mama’s pregnant belly used to be. The after was not quite as serene as the before, but that’s life with a newborn.
Will was one of the best sleepers I’ve ever had during a newborn session, but he was very particular about posing. I tried to do all kinds of wacky, scrunchy, rolled-up, newborn-chub photos that normally a sound-asleep week-old baby wouldn’t mind, but Will preferred what his mom called “lounging.” Laying on his side, limbs stretched out. Comfortable. So we got lots of “lounging” photos from all different angles. He was so beautiful, I didn’t mind.

I love how his little legs remind me of a heart. He will so not appreciate this photo being out in the world when he’s, like, 15.

This pose was his mom’s idea. I love the scale of it. Even though my daughter is only now seven months old I can hardly remember when she was this small, when I cold hold her head in the palm of my hand.


This was the scrunchiest I got him the entire session. I know how to wear those babies down, I tell you. But isn’t he just a beautiful boy? He looks so much like his brothers. Speaking of which…

Had to get a few of just the big brothers while Will was having a bite to eat…

Thank you so very much, Will and family, for the chance to work with you again. I can’t wait to watch how you grow!